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RTHK Radio 3
Listen to Ellen speak
on the Noreen Mir show

Hypnotherapy with
Children & Teens

26 April '23 at 11.10am
Ellen McNally, leading HK hypnotherapist

Ellen McNally

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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What Ellen's Clients Are Saying...

"She gave me the tools to resolve issues

like this for myself. She was able to train

my mind to get to the place where I could

create that change again and again". 

"Ellen explains every step of the way and

has a very gentle and caring demeanour.

I’m sure I would never have got this far

without her".

She creates a space where you feel

completely safe and supported

"I remained in complete control of my

actions, thoughts and responses. I felt safe".

I knew right away that I had found the

right person to help me.

"Ellen, you have helped me enormously.

You are really incredible".

Please contact us to enquire if Ellen can help you

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Why Hypnotherapy? 

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Deep permanent change is 

the goal of hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can access the vast

power for change within the

unconscious mind

95% of everything we think, feel and do is triggered unconsciously

Its efficacy is based on
over 10,000 research
studies and 172,000
citations of international
peer-reviewed studies

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