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 Take me to the Unconscious

I want to share my thoughts, my musings, and some of my clients’ stories with you here so you have some insight into how inspiring this work is.

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis as it’s also referred to, has an endless bank of amazing and transformative personal stories. In many of these stories, we resolve a specific problem that you may mistake as having a trivial impact on a person’s life.

What really happens though is that eachchange results in a domino effect on a person’s life, relationships, and happiness.

In each of these stories, my clients dared to take that first step to contact me because they knew they could expect more from their life. 


ADHD Hypnotherapy: Kids and their Superpowers

David’s parents were proud and excited that he was a bright and energetic child. He was quick to understand concepts and curious when something fascinated him. Being their only child, he was quite a handful but they figured that boys came that way.


When he began primary school, he seemed to lose some of his confidence. When friends came around for playdates, he was sometimes restless and impatient, often inappropriately so.


When his teacher mentioned that he often couldn’t sit still in class, and couldn’t easily follow her instructions, they had to come to terms with reality. Their child was smart and focused when he was passionate about something but despite his quick mind, he wasn’t thriving and wasn’t happy.


His mum Janet was already a client of mine. One day, she wrote me that her child seemed less confident and wasn’t performing well in school. The teacher thought it might be ADHD. Some days, she said, he doesn’t want to go to school at all.


Could hypnotherapy work with him, she asked?


Hypnotherapy for kids is a powerful experience. It connects children with the realization that they have superpowers and can use them to achieve what they want. And ironically, hypnotherapy is all about focusing.


Young David and I worked together to return him to his hopeful confident self. He had been properly diagnosed as ADHD but that hadn’t helped his self-esteem which had plummeted over the past year. In our sessions, he quickly realised that he was good at focusing and could learn to adapt that superskill to subjects that were less exciting. He could also learn mental tricks to interrupt his impulsiveness and hyperactivity.


He discovered that he had superpowers and could put them to work for himself.


He was motivated again.


Being confident again, getting his teacher’s positive feedback, being a considerate playmate and getting good grades, all of these became worthwhile goals. Last I heard, he was ticking all the boxes.


Discover how Hypnotherapy for Children can assist your child in unlocking their hidden potential, building resilience, and achieving success across all facets of their life. Together, we can pave the way for your child's empowering future


Your child can thrive too.



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