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Going through a breakup creates a storm of dark negative emotions. A person can feel angry, rejected, and devastated. Hypnotherapy can help to lessen the intensity of these feelings and help a person examine the relationship for what they can learn about themselves. Above all, it’s important to restore their self-esteem so they can move on.

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Hypnotherapy for Heartbreak

Next talk on Brunch with Noreen at RTHK Radio 3 at 11am, on 1 Feb 2023


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Hypnotherapy for emotional eating helps us uncover the unconscious unhelpful self-beliefs that sabotage attempts to lose weight. Once a client understands why they overeat, it becomes easier to change their eating patterns and to lose their excess weight.

Hypnotherapy does its work with the unconscious part of our mind. This is the part that manages and triggers 90%+ of everything we think, feel, and do. Every cell in our body is operating at an unconscious level. 

Hypnotherapy helps the mind understand how change at the unconscious level can help a person restore balance.

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The Power of our Unconcious Mind

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