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What Ellen's Clients Are Saying...

Most first-time clients are somewhat nervous about seeing a hypnotherapist and are particularly worried about losing control or are worried they won’t being able to get into a trance. It is a big deal to find the right person to trust with a confidential issue and most clients want reassurance that they are making the right decision. 


Many of Ellen’s clients have recommended her. Here are a few of their testimonials.

The sessions were incredibly helpful. Every time I finished a session with Ellen, it felt like something

had shifted, I was in control of my anxiety and my

life felt full of possibilities.

Ellen, the results of my Economics exam came out yesterday…I achieved the grade I wanted – an “A”. 

You helped me focus and studying

became easy.  It worked! 

During training for the Hong Kong Trailwalker 24 hour race, I felt I was unconsciously holding myself back from what I could achieve.  Ellen helped me run beyond my imagined limits, to run with relaxation and to rehearse the race itself. It was the best race of my life!

Thank you so much for helping D. and for helping us

in the process. We felt sad seeing our child struggle so much. Our life has changed thanks to you!

I have Multiple Myeloma, an incurable form of Cancer. After radiotherapy, chemotherapy and stem cell fusion, I was so fearful of the cancer and having to go

through this again that it was affecting my health.

After just one session with Ellen, the fear was gone.

I struggled with grief for years after my brother’s death. Ellen helped me say goodbye and to move on with my life. It was ok to be happy again.

I discovered that my frequent undiagnosable heart palpitations originated from a traumatic incident in my childhood that I remembered clearly while in hypnosis. Ellen helped me understand how it was affecting me. I haven’t had palpitations since..

After 20+ years with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),

I can get back to a normal confident life again thanks to your hypnosis protocol.

Ellen has helped me not only to quit smoking,

but to get my life in order. After a nasty divorce and various health problems, I had a lot of pent-up anger and resentment. Hypnotherapy with Ellen

helped me reset my life.

With professionalism and compassion, Ellen helped

me get through a tough time in my career. I knew right away that I had found the right person to help me.

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