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These are the most typical issues that come into a hypnotherapist’s office. It involves changing negative and unhealthy patterns of belief and behavior that interfere with a person’s wellness. A few examples are anxiety, fears, phobias, insomnia, addictions, weight and body issues, confidence and motivation being the main ones.

Hypnotherapy will never replace medical treatment, but it can play a crucial supporting role in the healing process. Research tells us that up to 80% of all contemporary illnesses are the result of lifelong stress. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto-immune diseases, etc can all be traced back to maladaptation to stress. Hypnosis can train patients to better manage the underlying conflicts that lead to physical illness.

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Hypnotherapy can focus the mind on releasing one’s best performance. Whether it’s presenting year-end results, competing in a golf or tennis tournament, running a marathon, studying, or simply being at ease in your social and intimate relationships, it works!

Children and teens are excellent subjects. Compared to adults, they can more easily and effectively harness their imagination with confidence and can experience the emotional change they need. These younger clients suffer anxiety, fear, pain, lack of confidence, trauma and everything else that adults do but from their own perspective. Fortunately, they have fewer layers to work through which allows for easier resolution

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