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Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis for anxiety is the process of using the power of the unconscious mind to restore peace of mind. 
Hypnosis for anxiety involves inducing a trance state in which a person can be more open to suggestion and to positive affirmations for change. In hypnosis, a person can step out of their anxiety and step into a state of calm.  

Hypnotherapy can also help a person trace the anxiety back to where it first began and release the misperception of themselves that blocks them from moving forward. The root of the anxiety is most often an unconscious belief about themselves that prevents them from being who they are and who they want to be. When this misunderstanding is clarified, it becomes much easier to restore confidence and peace of mind.

Busting Stress and Anxiety with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a powerful approach that works at the unconscious level to stop a habitual pattern of stress and anxiety. In a typical session, the therapist will help a client go into a deep calm state of trance in which they are awake and alert. In that state, they are guided to access their own ability to change the way they feel and to do it easily. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help people reframe negative thought patterns and achieve a more positive state of calm.  It can take just a few sessions to restore peace of mind.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help to Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be debilitating, causing people to avoid social situations altogether. 
Hypnosis for anxiety management can help a person overcome social anxiety by addressing the root cause of the problem. By changing patterns of self-belief and building confidence, hypnosis can help people feel more comfortable and at ease in social situations. In hypnotherapy, a person can step out of the illusion of social threat and be comfortably themselves in a social setting. A person can then experience a sense of calm and even anticipation of an enjoyable interaction with others.

Ready to overcome your anxiety and reclaim your peace of mind? Book a session with our experienced hypnotherapist today and discover the power of hypnosis for anxiety relief.


What is Anxiety

Anxiety is the most frequent and persistent symptom that hypnotherapists work with. 

It is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can manifest itself as excessive worry, fear, difficulty concentrating or remembering, feeling tired, or having a sense of panic, doom or danger. Physical symptoms can vary but include rapid heartbeat, sweating, shallow breathing, stiffness, lack of energy, pain and others. 

Over time, persistent anxiety can lead to medical problems. It is generally accepted that chronic illnesses, auto-immune diseases and other issues such as high blood pressure, ulcers, etc are the physical consequences of persistent ongoing anxiety. 

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Overthinking

Overthinking is a common symptom of anxiety that interferes with a person’s ability to relax. 

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and overthinking can be effective because it relaxes the mind and thus allows clarity. In a state of hypnotic trance, the unconscious mind is more open to suggestions and can easily replace an overthinking pattern with a more helpful one when it understands that the first one isn’t serving them. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis for anxiety management can help a person break up this unconscious pattern and develop more positive and healthy thinking. 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Alleviate PTSD and Trauma Symptoms

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can be effective in helping the PTSD sufferer regain peace of mind. 
PTSD is a state of intense disturbing thoughts and feelings that can result from a traumatic event from the past. The sufferer experiences intense flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts about the event and severe anxiety. 

The unconscious mind is continuing to respond to the trauma as if it were still going on in the present.  The trauma is stuck in time.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety helps the unconscious part of the mind understand that the traumatic event is over. Hypnosis for anxiety uses the mind’s natural understanding of time – the past, the present and the future  - to place the event/s in perspective. A trained hypnotherapist can help the mind understand that the event in which it occurred has already ended and can be stored with all other memories of the past. When the unconscious understands, it allows a sufferer to feel safe again in the present moment and can let go of the anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

Stage fright and performance anxiety can be debilitating, making it difficult for people to perform and even more difficult to perform to the best of their abilities. Hypnotherapy for stage fright and performance anxiety can help people overcome their fears and build confidence. By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help people diffuse the intensity of their fearful thoughts and feelings to regain control and a sense of empowerment. 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help When Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is a common symptom of anxiety that can be described as an unproductive learned pattern of the mind. Hypnosis for anxiety management can help reduce overwhelm by inducing a state of relaxation and teaching the unconscious mind to automatically focus away from unproductive thinking. 

Hypnosis uses the mind’s innate skills to change unhelpful patterns. The unconscious mind already knows how to relax. Hypnotherapy helps the mind reclaim this skill to help a person when they are overwhelmed.  By accessing the subconscious mind’s natural skills, hypnosis can help people have more clarity and step into a more empowered state of mind.

Hypnosis to Overcome Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can liberate performers from the dread and anxiety of doing what they want to do. Performing is the act of doing – whether it is writing, acting, studying, speaking, influencing, selling or whatever else a person has set their sights on accomplishing. When a performer becomes free of the anxiety of self-judgment and self-criticism, hypnosis for anxiety allows the mind to get on with what they want to do and to bring their best performance to the moment. 

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help a person shut out negative self-analysis and anything that could distract them away from their objective. By replacing worrying thoughts with a feeling of confidence, hypnosis can help them experience a more free and empowered state of mind.

Reduce Your Public Speaking Anxiety and Build Confidence with Hypnosis

Public speaking anxiety is a more common form of anxiety which responds well to hypnotherapy . Anxiety in this setting can hold a person back in business, academia or in social events. We know that every person can speak comfortably and confidently in some environment, even if it’s only in the environment of their own imagination. Hypnosis for anxiety can help the mind capture this feeling and apply it with the same confidence to a different environment. In a hypnotic trance, the therapist can help a person practice within their own mind as if it were real,  each time adding more confidence and self-belief until the process happens easily, naturally and unconsciously in a real public setting. 

Hypnosis to Improve Athletic and Sports Performance

Athletes and sports enthusiasts can benefit from hypnosis to improve their performance. A hypnotherapist can help an athlete be looser and more relaxed and at the same time, to be in the flow and highly focused on playing at a level they can be happy with. Helping a person feel confident in their muscle memory helps them let go and be in the zone. The unconscious mind can then focus on what the person is good at instead of what mistakes they are afraid of making.  By accessing the subconscious mind, hypnosis for managing anxiety can help an athlete focus on their strengths and how to use them successfully.

How to Use Hypnosis to Reduce Anxiety

Hypnosis can be a helpful tool in managing anxiety. 

The first step is finding a qualified hypnotherapist who can guide you through the process. While in a hypnotic trance, the therapist will suggest to the mind that it replace unconscious unhelpful negative thought patterns with positive calming ones. Through positive affirmations, and visualization techniques, the mind can easily create a new pattern – a pattern of being calmer. In just a few sessions, hypnosis for anxiety can help a person better control their anxiety and their confidence in handling their emotions.

Remain Calm with Hypnotherapy for Test Anxiety

Remaining calm during a test can be the difference between a pass and a fail, or between passing a test and acing it. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help individuals feel confident and focused during exams. When the mind is calm, the tension can fall away, and a person can better access what they know. It can help a person better access their ability to recall what they have studied. Even more importantly, hypnosis can teach the mind to focus and absorb information better when studying before the exam. By building confidence in the mind’s ability to succeed, it becomes much easier for a person to remain calm during their test.

How to Help Your Child Deal with Academic Anxiety

Children can enjoy hypnosis with their eyes open and tap into their powerful imaginations to create new ways of enjoying and experiencing homework,  studying and tests. When a child is relaxed, it helps them see themselves from a different perspective. Children want to be successful students and can enjoy seeing themselves in that light. When a child can imagine themselves having fun learning and being proud of what they have learned and achieved, they can begin to learn more easily and be more motivated to put in the effort. Hypnosis for anxiety can also make a big difference to their self-esteem.

Hypnosis for Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children & Adults

Separation anxiety disorder can affect both children and adults and make it difficult to function in daily life. Hypnosis for anxiety can be an effective tool in reducing the symptoms of separation anxiety. A hypnotherapist can help an adult or child experience the comfort of a (eyes-open for children) trance. In this state of calm and safety, a person can more easily experience the benefits of calmly being in a different location, such as school, work or shopping. Within a few sessions, hypnosis can help reduce anxiety and improve overall mental health.

Clinical Hypnosis for Anxiety Management in Hong Kong

Clinical hypnosis is becoming an increasingly popular solution for anxiety management in Hong Kong. It can help the mind create new coping mechanisms and block out unhelpful thinking. A qualified hypnotherapist can guide a person through the process and help them achieve feelings of relaxation and calmness. Within just a few sessions, hypnosis can be an effective way to manage anxiety and improve overall mental health.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Anxiety

The benefits of hypnosis for anxiety are immediately felt. A person can easily and quickly feel in a more positive state of mind. Their body feels light and comfortable. They are no longer experiencing tightness in their face, jaw, shoulders, arms, legs or anywhere they previously held on to that stress. Being calm, their mind is clearer, they can think and recall more easily. They can be more present in their life.

Hypnosis for anxiety is a short therapy that has long-lasting benefits.

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