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General Hypnotherapy
At Hypnosis in Hong Kong, Regression Hypnotherapy & NLP are proven successful approaches for resolving the most persistant anxiety

The most fundamental step in hypnosis is reducing or ending unconsciously triggered anxiety. The deep part of our mind can create calm just as easily as it can create anxiety. Hypnosis simply trains the mind to reset to calm.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia accesses and changes the unconscious beliefs & patterns that disrupt normal sleep

Life events can disrupt deep sleep patterns over time and you may believe that you are now unable to get enough sleep. In hypnosis, you can change that belief and reset that disrupted pattern. You’ll regain the sleep you need.

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Hypnosis takes you out of the unconsciously triggered state of fear and empowers you to take back control. The mind can filter out the irrational, introduce a different logic, detach from the fear and let it go.

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss transforms self-image, self-belief, eating patterns and powers up motivation to achieve our goal

Weight management is often more than just  weight. Hypnosis can help change self-beliefs and barriers that get in the way of motivation. When we eliminate them, the body and mind can work more effectively together.

Hypnosis in Hong Kong has the expertise in help a client release and be free of the toxic feelings of anger, guilt & shame. From there, it is easy to forgive ourselves and others.

These negative feelings can drown a person’s vitality and confidence. Helping a client become calm and experience the situation from a different perspective can help them let go of these intense feelings.

Hypnotherapy & NLP help a person achieve and naturally experience the self-belief of the unique self they are striving to be

We often feel that confidence depends on everything aligning within us. However, experiencing confidence can often affect everything else. It can go both ways. Hypnosis can allow the feelings and physical sensations of confidence to emerge allowing our self-beliefs to align with them.

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