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 Take me to the Unconscious

I want to share my thoughts, my musings, and some of my clients’ stories with you here so you have some insight into how inspiring this work is.

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis as it’s also referred to, has an endless bank of amazing and transformative personal stories. In many of these stories, we resolve a specific problem that you may mistake as having a trivial impact on a person’s life.

What really happens though is that eachchange results in a domino effect on a person’s life, relationships, and happiness.

In each of these stories, my clients dared to take that first step to contact me because they knew they could expect more from their life. 


Does Hypnotherapy Work for Confidence?

Do you remember a time in your past, perhaps in your childhood, when you felt a sense of natural confidence?

You had no doubt about your place in the universe. You were ok just the way you were.

Hypnotherapy for confidence places great value on these memories. They are treasures that can be accessed by your mind to rekindle that feeling again.

Louisa, (not her real name) a smoking-cessation client from years back, WhatsApped me these questions:

Does hypnotherapy work for confidence?

Does hypnotherapy work for Insecurity?

Yes, hypnotherapy works brilliantly for confidence. To reclaim that innate self-belief from one’s past, hypnosis for self-esteem and confidence recruits the power of a client’s imagination through the lens of a hypnotic trance. When we can remember that feeling of confidence that felt so natural as a child, we can tap into its powerful positive energy from years back. The mind knows how to do this!

Hypnotherapy can use this memory to help you fire it up again.

There had been no great trauma in Louisa’s life but there certainly had been a few incidents that knocked her down a few notches in primary school. Her grades slipped around that time. She had friends but became more cautious of their opinions of her. And she grew up feeling somewhat insecure, despite graduating from university.

When she contacted me, she had a job in a company that she loved but was disappointed in herself. When a colleague was promoted, she thought, why not me?

In our work together, she was able to rewind to her past and learned how to let that confidence back into her life.

In a hypnotic trance, the unconscious mind is like a sponge. It is open to changing self-beliefs to positive empowering beliefs. When Louise began to believe in herself, her behavior became more consistent with that belief. She acted and sounded more professional.

She started challenging herself again and projecting who she could be. The shift in her demeanor was subtle, the kind that an outsider can’t put their finger on, yet her energy was clearly different.

I spoke to her before writing this article. She said that she engages more easily with her colleagues now. She has taken on more of a leadership role. Her boss sees it too.

She’s expecting to be promoted the next time around.



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