Hypnosis to Empower a Bullied Child

There’s a growing childhood epidemic in Hong Kong. As of 2021, 1 out of 3 children reported having been bullied- 50% as many as the year before.

It always shocks me that many of my traumatised adult clients are the victims of childhood school bullies. The bullied child learns to cower through their life as if the unspoken tag left by a childhood bully is a stain that everyone can see.

It turns into a state of heightened sensitivity to perceived slights and a fear for their sense of self. It’s a state of mind that hangs over them whenever there is an opportunity for them to achieve and/or to relate to peers. If not addressed, it impacts their entire life.

A bullied person lives with two self-images in their mind: the person they know they could be, and the powerless pathetic person as defined by the bully.

Hypnosis for bullied children is all about shifting their state of mind by using the hypnotic trance to create detachment from what they fear. In this state of freedom from fear, in which they are fully conscious, they can use their imagination to safely satisfy their craving - to imagine and practice being who they want to be, free of self-judgment, to practice standing up to the bully with confidence until it becomes laughable.

What I do in hypnosis is what they are craving. To reverse roles. To empower the hero in them to stand up to the bully. To be so detached from the unrealistic fear that they can see the bully as that powerless child they really are, even when they’re in an adult body, which they often are.

Hypnosis is a contemporary approach that capitalizes on the power of a child’s imagination to give them the confidence to be who they want to be. For a child, hypnosis is like empowered play. It gives them the power to heal themselves.

If your child needs assistance or if you are being bullied, contact me to discuss if I can help.