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 Take me to the Unconscious

I want to share my thoughts, my musings, and some of my clients’ stories with you here so you have some insight into how inspiring this work is.

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis as it’s also referred to, has an endless bank of amazing and transformative personal stories. In many of these stories, we resolve a specific problem that you may mistake as having a trivial impact on a person’s life.

What really happens though is that eachchange results in a domino effect on a person’s life, relationships, and happiness.

In each of these stories, my clients dared to take that first step to contact me because they knew they could expect more from their life. 


The Power of Hypnosis: A Game-Changer for Endurance Runners

Achieving excellence in a 24-hour run is not purely a matter of physical endurance. It is arduous, testing, and often a battle of the mind.

On November 2023, over 1300 teams will participate in Hong Kong’s major sporting and charitable event, the 2023 Oxfam Trailwalker. That’s just two months away and by now,

teams realise that mental toughness, focus, and motivation can make all be the difference between crossing the finish line or giving up halfway.

Hypnosis is an untapped resource if you’re a marathon or endurance runner. It is a tool that can help you unlock your inner potential, overcome mental barriers and conquer this gruelling 24-hour race.

It works by tapping into the unconscious mind, and allows you to alter your perceptions, replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and reduce the impact of pain and other blocks. For distance runners, this means replacing thoughts of exhaustion and pain with thoughts of strength and endurance. Imagine racing with a mindset of invincibility and a body that feels light and powerful, allowing you to push past your self-imposed physical limits.

This is the potential hypnosis offers.

In conclusion, hypnosis is a potent tool that can revolutionize how you approach racing. It can help you break the barriers of fatigue, pain, and mental exhaustion, empowering you to finish a 24-hour race. You’ll not only improve your performance but also transform your experience into a journey of self-discovery, strength, and achievement.

Remember, your mind, not just your body, is a formidable player in this race. Train it well, and it will take you to the finish line.



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