Hypnotherapy – The woman who was afraid to be the boss.

"Thanks Ellen, I was given that position after our hypnosis work last year. Thanks for everything. You really helped me! BTW, I’m in line for a promotion again and I am so ready for it. Nothing can stop me now!”

Nicola’s boss was impressed by her performance and spoke to her about taking on a more senior job. She was happy to be valued but became increasingly anxious about taking on a more important and visible role.

If you struggle with the fear of stepping into your best performance, chances are you lack the self-belief to create the successful future you know you are capable of.

Hypnotherapy is an easy and empowering way to move past this.

Nicola was rarely acknowledged as a child for her success at school. Nobody expected that she would ever amount to much as an adult. That kind of future was not meant to happen to her.

This self-belief was stuck in her mind and created anxiety and insomnia just thinking of the promotion.

That fear kept going around in a loop in her mind at night.

Fortunately, this is just what hypnotherapy is good at. We helped her deepest mind understand what she already was conscious of – that she is definitely worthy of being promoted and has already proved that in spades.

And that easily, she was able to clear up the confusion in her mind. Her self-doubt disappeared.

It was an exciting breakthrough for Nicola. It felt easy to step up and let her boss know that she was ready to take on that senior role.

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