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Ellen McNally

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ellen McNally is a highly experienced therapist trained by the world’s leading hypnotherapists. She specialises in helping the client’s unconscious mind transform beliefs, emotions and behaviours that interfere with their natural confidence. They learn to experience their own possibilities.

If you’re looking for the best hypnotherapist in Hong Kong or for a female hypnotherapist near you, consider her your top choice. 

Ellen McNally, leading HK hypnotherapist

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What Ellen's Clients Are Saying...

"She gave me the tools to resolve issues like this for myself. She was able to train my mind to get to the place where I could create that change again and again". 

"Ellen explains every step of the way and has a very gentle and caring demeanour. I’m sure I would never have got this far without her."

"She creates a space where you feel completely safe and supported "

" Ellen, you have helped me enormously. You are really incredible."

"She has a good reputation in the therapist community "

" I knew right away that I had found the right person to help me. "

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How Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis Helps You


Hypnotherapy mimics our life experience. We live life by experiencing it in our heart, mind, body and spirit. In a hypnotic state, a person can have access to this full experience as if it were actually happening in real time.

Imagination and creativity

In that state, we call on our imagination and creativity to look beyond our limiting beliefs so that we can experience other possibilities. When these powerful human assets are set free to achieve what we dream of, a chain reaction begins.

Realistic change

The heart, mind, body unconsciously come together to make it happen. Peace of mind, love, forgiveness, success, self-belief, empowerment, and happiness can realistically happen.

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Why Hypnotherapy? 


Hypnotherapy is fast and transformational at a deeply personal level. In just a few sessions, hypnotherapy can help release a lifetime of anxiety and despair. 


Hypnotherapy can access the power of self-belief, and one can experience how it feels to be loving, loveable, focused, and successful in all the ways we choose to live.

Permanent change

The subconscious part of our mind is where change must happen to become permanent. In a hypnotic trance, we can choose how we want to change and make it permanent.


Hypnotherapy Services

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Clinical hypnotherapist in Hongkong

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